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Of the companies in Mexico are using Social Networks

Social networks have changed the way people interact. They have opened a huge window form here you can view information, products and services from all over the world, so they have also become a key tool for business growth.

However, at the business level, taking advantage of all this conditions involves hard and well-oriented work so that social networks become true commercial allies that produce positive and measurable results.


What do Social Networks offer?

The possibility of reaching millions of people on a commercial level is fundamental to delimit the target audience, to know how to choose the different types of social networks that exist to get the right messages and attract the attention of new costumers.
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Delimitation and segmentation to sell more

If what you´re looking for is to succeed in social networks, the secret for all companies is to beggin by segmenting the type of audience they want to reach. Define ages, sex, level of education, geographical location and demographic conditions; As well as tastes and behaviors so that their messages are not lost in the immensity of social networks.

At Octopus we help you define all these aspects and we design campaigns so that the presence of you company in the social networks is a positive experience, with great scope and with the productivity that means to reach millions of people with the same characteristics and needs. This will help companies to solve their needs with your services.

What´s the impact of Social Media?

This will significally impact the number of followers, engagements or leads in your networks. With well-defined and well-structured messages, interaction with your followers will increase the presence, credibility and strength of your brand users, wich will atract new potential costumers and keep them faithful and current.

Another important point is to correctly between all the universe of social networks that exist today, wich is one of the best adapts to the type of public that you want to arrive with specific messages. It is not the same general network as Facebook, a network of professionals such as Linkedin, or sites where its strength are photos like Pinterest and Instagram.

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What should a comprehensive Social Media service offer you?

In Octopus our team of professionals offer their services to guide you and design campaigns in networks taking into count all these variants and factors, optimizing the way you´re going to reach a specific audience, correctly and with the guarantee of that the results can be seen and measured accuretly through the increase in the number of visits, new followers and positive comments that users leave.

Get closer to your specific costumers, offer them valuable information, interact with them and position yourself in social networks as a dynamic, modern company that knows how to take advantage of the benfits on the tecnological advances, to become an excellent option to solve problems o satisfy the needs of the people who navigate and are fnas of this sites of virtual coexistence.